The BIG Belly – Eliminating the Waste in Waste Collection

May 29, 2012

Ever thought of first level waste treatment? Yes, we have intelligent dustbins out there, which not only gives you the waste trends but also extra capacity within the same size structure as their dumb counterpart – dustbins.  Reducing waste collection cost, enabling environment friendly waste disposal and controlling emissions and providing first level waste treatment is what BigBelly Solar is all about.

Intelligent concept, an innovation blending technology + social problem + entrepreneurship. The intelligent dustbins provide efficiencies by attacking unnecessary and wasted effort in the collection process. On-demand information powered by solar energy allows for better planning, route optimization and asset management in waste and recycling operations. In high-demand areas, on-site compaction of trash and/or recycling dramatically reduces required pickups. The result is a process optimized to deliver comparable service levels at dramatically lower process cost.  This is why BigBelly Solar’s slogan is: “Eliminating the Waste in Waste Collection.”

BigBelly Solar was founded in 2003 with a mission to reduce fossil fuel consumption through innovative new approaches to old problems. Founder Jim while walking down a Boston street one day and observing a trash vehicle in action – idling at a pick up point, blocking traffic, with smoke pouring out of its exhaust, while litter was still prevalent on the street – Poss was struck by the thought (the necessity, really) that there had to be a better way. Currently, the concept is scaled to all US states and 30 other companies.

But then there is another question: can such innovations be applied in the developing world? Where the cost of human labor is much lower than the solar empowered bin manufacturing. Also, the scale of garbage generation without waste categorization remains an issue. The challenge is, how can we further innovate and produce such technology, which can cover the scale of problem, say in Pakistan.


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