Solar Water Filter – Innovation In Evolution

As they say, without possibilities, there is no creativity. So one thing is for sure, there are endless possibilities but only if we can dig them out. Reducing complexity is simplicity, and simplicity is creativity. Creativity has no boundaries and relies mostly on common sense which is rarely common. But those who are blessed use it to the best. Here is an example of a designer making a Solar Water Filter.

Solar Water Filter

Gabriele Diamanti has worked on a prototype for a solar powered water filter that comes under appropriate technologies category. The invention is called Eliodomestico which intends to bring safe drinking model to the families in the developing countries at no operating cost. The concept filter is made from cheap and widely available material with simple technological innovation. It’s made from terracotta, recycled plastic and anodized zinc and can deliver 5 liters of fresh drinking water every day and is expected to be an open project, thanks to the concept of open source.

solar water filter

The distiller is easy to use: in the morning fill the water tank with water from a local source and in the evening collect clean, evaporated and re-condensed water in a portable basin placed underneath the tank. The project is still a prototype with aims for being replicated widely globally through its open adaptation policy.

Read more about the product Eliodomestico.


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