Where Sports Drive Social Entrepreneurship

August 22, 2011

Pakistan is nowhere in the picture, that’s sad. We are trailing, yet again. The world moves on so fast, and yet we try our best not to pick up and give a deaf ear. To put it more appropriately, we simply ignore when it’s the right time and then feel pride in riding the bandwagon of activities and actions world did 10 years ago. Industries, technology, internet, NGO’s, entrepreneurship pick any and you will find the pattern. Social entrepreneurship is next in line; let’s see if we ignore the call to ride this bandwagon as well.

Being a soccer fan I felt it, though I know we are not a soccer nation. But I also know we are a nation full of homeless and shelter less. And compared to those 70, we are definitely in the top 10 yet the green flag is out of picture. Enough of crying, but I was disappointed.

There are 1 billion homeless people in the world today. The Homeless World Cup has a vision for a healthy, abundant, confident world where everyone has a home, a basic need. Homeless World Cup started as an initiative to invent a language to enable homeless people to communicate with each other globally and realized it already exists in form of Football. “The Homeless World Cup, founded by Mel Young – Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum, is a unique, pioneering social enterprise that uses sport as a means to promote social inclusion of homeless and marginalized people.” The Homeless World Cup Foundation drives international social development through its network of 70+ national grassroots partners with the support of its “Global Change Makers”. It aims to promote its unique “homeless-to-work” model to policy makers, key influencers, the media and the public, with the vision to shift attitude and policies towards the homeless. Started in 2003 with 18 nations participating, 2011 world cup in Paris features 64 nations through 70 national partners.

Checkout Homeless World Cup site (http://www.homelessworldcup.org) to know more about this interesting initiative.


They ditched high salaries to follow their dreams

August 13, 2011

A recent heading at Rediff caught my attention, “They ditched high salaries to follow their dreams” and found it worthy of cross posting for Pakistani MBA’s to get inspired. Neha Juneja and Ankit Mathur, both MBA’s from top schools in India straight away chose the path of social entrepreneurship. With a most simple invention of ‘single burner high efficiency cooking stove’ they are running Greenway Grameen Infra, a profitable social enterprise with massive potential to tap into BOP markets of India.

The stove is an inspiration to create low cost replacement for traditional ‘mud chulhas’ that can save 70% fuel and harmful emissions. Market size of households using stoves is 150 million in India. Keeping the potential in mind and understanding of the market dynamics that rural products need not be cheap and substandard, they smartly ‘co-create’ their products with direct inputs from their end users in rural villages making the product more quickly adaptable.

For a complete story, check out Rediff coverage.

For more information, check out their website: http://grameeninfra.blogspot.com

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