What’s Passion Got To Do With It ?

May 6, 2010

Passions are powerful compelling emotions or feelings that shape up your thoughts, drive your soul and control your destiny. Without passion, the work is burden and the dreams are fantasies. We often overrule the existence of passion while making choices for pursing a business, idea or a career. The results are often discouraging and there is no fun. If you cannot put your heart into something, take yourself out of it. Simple.

A brief excerpt from Martha Stewart’s 10 essentials for building success in business sums it up beautifully. “Build your business success around something that you love – something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you. It is great to love one’s work. Doing work that you enjoy gives you energy. You are imbued with enthusiasm. Your senses seem sharper. You wake up with new ideas every day and with solutions to conquer the challenges that cropped up the day before. You are always confident that goals are attainable, that creativity and ingenuity and hard work and passion for the work will make it all come together. This passion for ones work is just like an all consuming love affair – something that all of us crave to experience but encounter only once or twice in a life time if we are lucky.

Knowing your passion, working hard to keep it alive, enjoy it every minute of every day, even when the going gets difficult – these are the hallmark of an entrepreneurial enterprise that you build and develop and maintain and evolve. You expend this extra ordinary energy, so that others may benefit from it, may learn from it and may even profit from it.”

Search until you find your passion and Live with it.


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