IQBAL’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

April 21, 2010


noun: entrepreneurs tend to identify an opportunity and exploit it by organizing their resources effectively to accomplish an outcome that changes existing interactions within a given sector.

Social Entrepreneur

noun: A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.

If we ever start listing great entrepreneurs / social entrepreneurs from the subcontinent, the list will definitely be topped by Iqbal, Jinnah and Gandhi. Where Jinnah and Gandhi had different set of strengths and accomplishments, IQBAL played with intuition and creativity and won the hearts of millions. Single handedly creating the momentum through words, turning masses to follow a vision and setting up grounds for its realization is none less than a great entrepreneurial achievement.

One of the poetic master pieces by IQBAL narrates his spirit of creation and entrepreneurship. Written as an advice to his son, the message is loud and clear: “Create New Spheres and Possibilities. Do Not Be a Sell-Out; Rise Amidst Poverty!”

Rest, the poem says it all…if you can understand.

Dayar-e-Ishq mein apna muqaam paida kar

Naya Zamaana naye subh-o-shaam paida kar

Khuda agar dil-e-fitrat-shanaas de tujh ko

Sukute-lala-o-gul se kalaam paida kar

Utha na shisha-garaan-Firang ke ehsaan

Sifale-hind se mina-o-jaam paida kar

Mein shakhe-taak hnu meri gazal hai mera samar

Mere samar se maya-e-lalafam paida kar

Mera tareeq amiri nahni fakiri hai

Khud-i na bech, garibi mein naam paida kar


The Entrepreneur’s Creed

April 19, 2010

I still recall the moment I got acquainted with Bedri Sainovski through a common friend. But a detailed chat in a café of a Melbourne alley opened up his real side of being a serial and successful entrepreneur. Witty, humorous, elegant yet eloquent with an inspiring entrepreneurial struggle, the guy still had the overflowing passion of starting again after selling his business for something he can live happily ever after. Long story short, to keep reminding us of our meeting he shared with me a dogma that I felt to be further shared.

As Peter J Cahill States it:

being an entrepreneur is about:

//. a burning desire to success, with no corporate ladder to climb

//.thinking and creativity – true entrepreneurs practice and hone their thinking skills – its the corner stone of their creativity

//. knowing intuitively what makes people tick and respecting them

//.leadership; drive; motivation; ambition; inspiration and giving

//.understanding business and marketing on a deeper level than any textbook or teacher can take you

//.taking calculated risks that you cant take scientifically

//.reading markets without the use of book or any hard data and setting trends by having the confidence to follow your convictions

//.having the tenacity and the courage to persist by laughing at the rejection

//.turning negatives into positives to achieve economic prosperity for you, for others and for planet

//.learning from your mistakes and treating failure as a temporary state

//.loving what you do and having fun doing it

you have God given talents, don’t waste them; the world needs You!

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